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All PDFs of my available writings are on this page in alphabetical order.

A Blessing for Civil Disobedience
A Holy Discomfort: The Spiritual Work of Singing Welcome
A Holy Week Litany for White People Working Against Racism
About Those Shepherds
Abundant Life (St. Albans)
Abundant life (Whosoever Essay)
All the Livelong Day
Asking the Right Question About Academic Freedom
Beyond No, Beyond Not, Beyond Don’t
Blessings and Demands: Reflecting on Progressive Christianity
Changing Strategies to Change Minds
Class Matters
Closer to Home: Bisexual Feminism and the Transformation of Hetero/Sexism
Coming Out as a Process of Spiritual Growth
Coming to Believe that the Divine is Love
Community, Slavery, and Liberation
Confession of a Class-Bound Church
Creative Exercises
Creativity as a Spiritual Discipline
Creativity as Relationship
Creativity in the Life of the Church
Creativity Reflection Questions
Cultivating Joy in Our Lives
Deeper: A Responsive Reading
Discomfort Will Save Us
Each Candle A Miracle: A Responsive Reading for Hanukkah
Emotional and Spiritual Growth Work for Creativity
Ethics for the Beloved Community
Evil is Real and Love is Possible
Fear or Love
Fearless: Universalism’s Invitation for Us Today
Feeding Sheep (For White People Working Against Racism)
Forgiveness: A Responsive Reading
From Justice to Grace and Back Again
Gathered in Masks, Gathered in Love: A Responsive Reading
Gender and Sexuality as Systems of Power
Get Resurrected!
Getting Honest About Social Inequality
Good Company: Using Community to Build Ethical Power
Good Faith, Bad Faith, Racism, and the Criminal Justice System
Good Things: An Appreciation of the Work of the Jesus Seminar
Gratitude, Hope, Love: Reframing Faith, Renewing Faith
Grief on the Path of Change: A Sermon
Hell: Fiction and Reality
History of Ferguson
Holy Darkness, Hold Us: A Response Reading
Holy Week and Holy Work: A Lenten Exercise
Homophobia and the Healing of Society
Human Flourishing and Social Inequality
Human Flourishing, Abundance, and Social Justice
Imagining Interdependence
In the Beginning: An Ordination Sermon
Inspired to Act: Drawing Ethical Strength from Our Sources of Meaning
Interdependence Day
Interdependence: Three Reflections
Introducing Creativity
Jesus and Billy Joel
Jesus Then and Now
Justice Prayer
Laughing at Our Egos: A Gratitude Practice
Litany for Strength and Guidance in Justice Work
Liturgical Creativity
Love and Justice
Loving Others as Ourselves
Loving Ourselves: A Responsive Reading
Mask-Wearing as a Spiritual Practice
Meaning and Demeaning, Values and Devaluation
Mystery and Miracle: A Responsive Reading
Necessary But Not Sufficient: Good Intentions and Healing the World
Not God, Not the Devil: A Humble Humanism
On Being “Pro-Lives”
On Creativity: Something from (Almost) Nothing
One Cheer for Privilege Language
Our Labor: A Responsive REading for Labor Day
Paradoxes of Creativity
Pascal’s Wager in Reverse
Pausing Before We Act: A Form of Prayer
Paying Attention as an Act of Love and Compassion
Practicing Interdependence
Present and Accounted For: Creating and Engaging in Rituals
Prophetic Creativity
Proud: A Responsive Reading
Queer Creativity
Queer Inclusion in the UMC Introduction: Book Introduction
Questions to Help With Creative Blocks
Racism and the Benefit of the Doubt: Exercises
Racism and the Benefit of the Doubt: A Presentation
Racism and White Discomfort: A Presentation
Racism and White Discomfort: Grounding Exercises
Racism, Flourishing, and Suffering: Ethics for White People Working Against Racism
Reflecting on Solzhenitsyn’s Line Between Good and Evil
Revolutionary Love for Building Beloved Community
Room at the Inn (Religious Homophobia)
Same-Sex Marriage: It’s a Spiritual Thing
Serenity, Courage, Wisdom: A Gift from 12-Step Programs
Seven Ways of Looking at the UMC LGBT Inclusion Struggle
Social Action as a Spiritual Discipline
Some Other Resurrections: A Responsive Reading
Sources of Pride: A Queer Appreciation of the Six UU Sources
Spiritual Benefits of Creativity
Spiritual Formation and Human Flourishing
Spiritual Preparation for Creativity
Spiritual Social Justice Alphabet Inspired by Dr. King
Striving for Imperfection: Toward a Spirituality of Messiness
The Benefit of the Doubt: A Way of Thinking About Systematic Inequality
The Ethics of Creativity
The Good News of Unitarian Universalism
The Hands of the Holy: Re-Envisioning LGBT Welcome in Faith Communities
The Jesus Prayer: An Interpretation
The Kin-Dom of God Is Queer: A Prid Mini-Sermon
The Kingdom of God Is Queer: A Pride Sermon
The Market as God, Part 1
The Market As God, Part 2
The Moment Before Us: Practicing One Ethical Act at a Time
The Paradox of Inequality and the Paradox of Welcome
The Promise of Black Lives Mattering
Time to Rejoice: Celebrating Our Ethical Successes
Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Developing a Creative Heart and Mind
Toward a Progressive Christian Theology of Creativity
Two Cheers for Amy Grant: Good News and Great News for LGBTQ+ People
Two New Definitions of PC: Continuing Dr. King’s Work
Two Wars on Christmas
Using Your Truth To Create
Waiting: A Longest Night Service Reading
We Are Called to Pay Attention: A Responsive Reading
We Need To Be Resurrected: A Responsive Reading
What’s Love Got To Do With It? From Feeling To Action
When All Is Burned Away: An Ash Wednesday Reading
When It Seems That We Wait Alone
Where We Start: Inspirations for White People Working Against White Supremacy
Who Are You Becoming?
Who We Are and What We Need
Whole-Hearted Gratitude
Why Ethics? Introducing a Sermon Series on Ethical Living
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Hell”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Holy” and “Sacred”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Judgment”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Obedience”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Prayer”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Religion”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Salvation”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Sin”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Worship”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking “Worthy”
Words with Baggage: Unpacking Faith
Yes, It’s a Choice: A Pride Sermon