A Holy Discomfort: The Spiritual Work of Singing Welcome

A sectional for the 2021 conference of the Hymn Society in the US and Canada, delivered June 24, 2021

A Progressive’s Take on Ethics and Equality

Lean to the Left podcast episode on my two 2024 books; released December 11, 2023

Future Christian

Podcast from 2020

Grief on the Path of Change

High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist, November 20, 2022

Human Flourishing and Social Inequality

2015 lecture at Colorado College

Revolutionary Love for Building Beloved Community

High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist, February 14, 2021

Singing Welcome as an Antiracist Practice

United Church of Christ Musician’s Association, January 20, 2024

Life (UN)Closeted with Rick Clemons

Audio podcast discussion of coming out as a queer progressive Christian, of the books Abundant Lives and Cultural Processes of Inequality, and of the free-use music website https://queersacredmusic.com. Released March 13, 2024.

Faith and Justice Book Group Interview

An interview with Brian Allain, about Abundant Lives and finding one’s next thing in life.