Speaking Engagements

“I particularly found [Amanda’s] clarity of expression most helpful and look forward to hearing her again.” – a participant in a presentation/discussion with the Progressive Christianity Network Britain St. Albans group

I would be delighted to speak to your religious community, organization, or other group about any of the following topics, either in a presentation or workshop capacity:

  • Creating progressive liturgical materials (prayers, responsive readings, other worship materials)
  • Creativity: what it is, how it works, how to deepen and expand your creative life
  • Ethics, particularly my “ethic of flourishing” (in either its secular or progressive Christian form)
  • The ethics of progressive politics
  • Hospitality, justice, and inclusion in progressive religious liturgy and music
  • Progressive Christianity: its invitation, challenges, and possibilities
  • Racism and antiracism for white people: an introduction and an invitation to be part of the solution
  • Sacred songwriting: how to write inclusive hymns and worship songs for progressive religious communities
  • Systemic inequality: how it works, how it harms us, how to work against it (special areas of focus include anti-Black racism, sexism, and heterosexism)
  • Intersections between the above topics

Please use the form below to reach out, virtual speaking engagements are the easiest to set up but in-person engagements are possible as well.