Writings on Inequality

Yes, It’s a Choice: A Pride Sermon
Where We Start: Inspirations for White People Working Against White Supremacy
Two New Definitions of PC: Continuing Dr. King’s Work
The Promise of Black Lives Mattering
The Paradox of Inequality and the Paradox of Welcome
The Market As God, Part 2
The Market as God, Part 1
The Hands of the Holy: Re-Envisioning LGBT Welcome in Faith Communities
The Benefit of the Doubt: A Way of Thinking About Systematic Inequality
Spiritual Social Justice Alphabet Inspired by Dr. King
Sources of Pride: A Queer Appreciation of the Six UU Sources
Social Action as a Spiritual Discipline
Seven Ways of Looking at the UMC LGBT Inclusion Struggle
Same-Sex Marriage: It’s a Spiritual Thing
Room at the Inn (Religious Homophobia)
Racism, Flourishing, and Suffering: Ethics for White People Working Against Racism
Racism and White Discomfort: A Presentation
Racism and White Discomfort: Grounding Exercises
Racism and the Benefit of the Doubt: Exercises
Racism and the Benefit of the Doubt: A Presentation
Queer Inclusion in the UMC Introduction: Book Introduction
Queer Creativity
Prophetic Creativity
One Cheer for Privilege Language
Necessary But Not Sufficient: Good Intentions and Healing the World
Meaning and Demeaning, Values and Devaluation
Love and Justice
Interdependence: Three Reflections
Interdependence Day
Human Flourishing and Social Inequality
Human Flourishing, Abundance, and Social Justice
Homophobia and the Healing of Society
Holy Week and Holy Work: A Lenten Exercise
History of Ferguson
Good Faith, Bad Faith, Racism, and the Criminal Justice System
Getting Honest About Social Inequality
Gender and Sexuality as Systems of Power
Feeding Sheep (For White People Working Against Racism)
Coming Out as a Process of Spiritual Growth
Closer to Home: Bisexual Feminism and the Transformation of Hetero/Sexism
Class Matters
Changing Strategies to Change Minds
Asking the Right Question About Academic Freedom
All the Livelong Day
A Holy Week Litany for White People Working Against Racism